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Orthopaedic Laboratory Services


Medical Specialties



Physiotherapy and neurodevelopment
Occupational Therapy
Nutrition and dietetics
Speech Therapy and Audiology
Social Work
Respiratory Therapy

Orthopedic Laboratory

Development of prosthetic devices for amputees or people withcongenital malformations in upper and lower limbs

Development of orthotic devices for trunk, upper and lower limbs.

Provision of technical and mobility aids such as canes, walkers, crutches, bath chairs, medical lift, pediatric and adult wheelchairs.

Supply soft line such as neck, trunk, upper and lower limbs immobilizers, braces, templates and decubitus cushions.

Preventive and corrective maintenance

Technical sensory aids

Canes for the Blind
Braille books

Promotion and prevention activities

Early stimulation program and child empowerment

Interventions aimed at children, family and the environment, which aim to respond as soon as possible to temporary or permanent needs presented by children with developmental disorders or who are at risk of acquiring it.

Early stimulation

We perform comprehensive management of neuromotor development areas through physiotherapy intervention, speech therapy, psychology, social work and special education. This program is aimed at children aged 0-5 years.

Enabling children

In this program, in addition to the comprehensive management of neuromotor development areas, we make special emphasis on the development of activities of daily living, functionality and independence of the child and on the preparation for the inclusion of the education is made. It is aimed at children aged 6-10 years.


Areas of work:

  • Communication
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Cognitive Area
  • Orientation and Mobility

Low vision and blindness

We provide first class patient care with the participation of the interdisciplinary team. The program endorsed by the CRAC (Spanish for Rehabilitation center for blind adults). The worked areas are:

• Visual Stimulation• Visual Training• Braille• Techniques of Daily Living• Communication Techniques• Orientation and Mobility

Vocational Rehabilitation

Look for adults with disabilities to develop an economically productive activity.

The following activities are performed:

  • Occupational Assessment
  • Advice and guidance to the disabled person in the assembly of independent activities
  • Work Adaptation
  • Job analysis

Community Based Rehabilitation "RBC"

It is a community development strategy for rehabilitation, equalization of opportunities and social integration of people with disabilities.

It is applied thanks to the combined efforts of disabled people themselves, their families, organizations, communities and relevant government and non government services in health, education, labor, social, and others.

Main objectives of CBR

  • Ensure that people with disabilities can maximize their physical and mental abilities.
  • Promote access to services and equal opportunities to all people.
  • Encourage people with disabilities to become active partners in their community and society in general.
  • Encourage communities to promote and protect the rights of persons with disabilities through changes in the community.


"Respect for the evolution of the capacities of children with disabilities and their right to preserve their identity."

Regular Education: pre-school and elementary school framed within the curriculum required by the Ministry of Education with curriculum adaptations to the needs of each child or young person.

Special Education: personalized education tailored to the individual needs of children and young people, taking into account their personal skills.

Integration and Social Inclusion: Promoting the location of the child or teenager with disabilities in regular schools in their area.

Sponsor Plan

Concerned about the situation of many children from Cartagena, REI Foundation for Integral Rehabilitation IPS is interested in finding a way to help children and young people with disabilities in order to provide necessary the elements for their full development. In this way through institutional management, resources for supporting this population are obtained.

However, resources are not sufficient to ensure the full development of our children. Desertion in most cases is evident due to lack of financial resources of families.

This is how we knock on the Community’sdoors in general and we undertake the job of obtaining financial support according to the needs of the child or young person with disabilities.

The purpose of the project is to find people interested (sponsors) whose contributions help the child or youth with disabilities successfully culminate the processes of education and habilitation/rehabilitation.

Types of sponsor plan

Educational sponsor plan
School supplies sponsor plan
Food sponsor plan
Transport sponsor plan
Therapeutic support sponsor plan


You can support us through hiring services, sponsor plan, volunteer work, financial or in kind donations.

"Social trust does not arise spontaneously, but it is the result of a well done job, a path, social involvement, an impact and results and values present in our daily activities."

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Carrera 50A #31B-12, Urbanización Los Álamos, Olaya Cartagena de Indias, Colombia Telefax: (57+5) 6697881 / 6697427
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Orthopaedic Laboratory Services
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